Koomus Universal Smartphone Car Mount - $18

Fits most smartphones. No assembly required. Expandable for phones up to 3.4" wide.
Full 360 degree rotatable, can be used even with thick battery cases.
Can be tilted to create optimal viewing angle.

The new Koomus CD-Air Pro is now much sturdier and still provides extra
convenient mounting capability for all types of vehicles. You can now insert the phone with
or without smartphone case and you can even use it with thick battery cases as well.
Koomus CD-Air Pro can be easily installed without assembling any parts.

Ball head design allows 360 degree rotatable view, tiltable feature also enables you to create
optimal viewing angle. This new CD-Air Pro has shorter neck which prevents
shaking of the device to the minimum level. Drive safe and enjoy your
ride with Koomus CD-Air Pro.

Ergonomically designed for insertion with one hand for quick and easy installation.

Koomus CD-Air Pro car mount provides extra convenient smartphone mount capability
for all types of vehicle. Depending on your vehicle's CD slot shape, the mount
can be used face up or face down.

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